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Kronicle Vol.6 Issue 5

"Killymoon Kronicle"

The Newsletter of Killymoon Golf Club

Volume 6 Issue 6 - 9th January 2018

 Welcome to the sixth issue of the Killymoon Kronicle, a fortnightly newsletter which, over the autumn and winter, will carry news and results from around the club.


The first weekend of competition of 2019 at Killymoon saw a continuation of excellent scoring over the shortened course. A chilly Saturday did little to cool Plunket Cullen’s red hot round as he amassed 37 points to take top prize but he had only point to spare as Glenn Pearson was second with 36 points and he too needed count back to take this prize with a fine closing 23 point tally over the last nine to relegate Lenny Kelly to third. Ian Hutchinson took the gross prize. Also in the prizes were:-

Fourth:                                Ignatius Mullan                               35 points (L6H 16)

Fifth:                                  Richard McCrea                               35 points (15)

Senior:                                Harry Steele                                       34 points (BSN 22)

On Sunday with a steady drizzle adding to the discomfort players could be forgiving for not matching the scores of the previous day but in fact Michael Crozier produced the best total of the weekend with 40 points to secure the honours with Glenn Booth two points further back and Marty Monaghan making his by now customary appearance atop the gross standings. Third prize overall went to Malachy Mallon with a fine 37 point tally.



The R&A and USGA have revealed the new golf rules to be implemented on 1st January 2019 and there are some huge changes set to come into play. The changes have been brought in to modernise the game.

There have been four major changes to the proposals they brought out last year.

The first is the dropping procedure. Last year it was proposed that golfers could drop from any height above an inch. This has been changed to knee height. So, from 01 January 2019, when taking relief golfers will now drop from knee height – no longer from shoulder height.

After the proposal last year for golfers to measure relief by 20 inches or 80 inches, the standard one or two club lengths will remain. Golfers can take relief using the longest club in their bag, barring the putter.

There will no longer be a penalty for double-hitting a shot. Golfers will simply count the single stroke they took to strike the ball, rather than counting two shots for hitting the ball twice.

The Out of Bounds rule is set to undergo huge changes in a bid to speed up play. From 01 January 2019, golf clubs will be allowed to install a local rule that golfers can drop a new ball in the vicinity of where their ball has gone out of bounds, with a two stroke penalty.

So no more walking back to the tee – if the course you’re playing installs this new local rule. This is only for club level; it doesn’t cover professional or elite level competitions.
As well as those changes to the proposals, here are some major changes that were proposed last year and WILL BE coming in on 01 January 2019:

There will be no penalty for accidentally moving your ball on the putting green or when looking for it. A player is not responsible for causing a ball to move unless it is “virtually certain” that they did.

The flagstick no longer has to be attended or removed when putting and there will be no penalty if a golfer hits an unattended flagstick in the hole.

Golfers will be allowed to repair spike marks as well as other damage on the putting green. There is also no penalty for merely touching the line of a putt.

Golfers can now touch the ground with their club in a hazard and can move loose impediments in a hazard without penalty.

 As well as that, golfers can move loose impediments in bunkers and will not be penalised for generally grounding their club away from their ball.

You still cannot ground your club when playing a bunker shot. An unplayable lie may be taken in a bunker, with a drop out for two strokes. Player integrity will be relied on to the point where a player’s “reasonable judgment” will be trusted on things like estimating/measuring a spot, point, line, area or distance.

The 5 minute golf ball search time has been scrapped. From 01 January 2019, golfers will be allowed only 3 minutes to search for a strayed golf ball.

The New Rules can be viewed on video by following the link:




Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of The Killymoon Golf Club will be held at Killymoon Golf Club on Tuesday 19 February 2019 at 7.45 pm.

AJ McCann

Honorary Secretary



Further to the formation of a Rules Review Committee, Council will bring the following proposals to the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 19 February 2019.

1. Council proposes that Rule 3.1(d) be amended so that the final sentence reads as follows:

“An alphabetical list of members with their handicaps, if appropriate, and the names of the office bearers and other members of the Council and Standing Sub Committees for the year shall be posted in the Clubhouse”

2. Council proposes that each of the following 8 classes of membership be abolished:

Under 25 members
Under 30 members
Senior members
Family members
Historical Associate members
Senior Historical Associate members
Pavilion members
Novice members

3. Council proposes that in Rule 3.4 the definition of Honorary Members be replaced with the following wording:

“HONORARY MEMBERS shall comprise those persons who were elected as such prior to 01 February 2020 and that entry to such category of membership shall cease with effect from 01 February 2020 with the exception of those elected under Clause 3.1(b) herein”

  1. Council proposes that in the event of the previous proposal being passed that Rules 3.1 (a) and (c) be deleted.

    5. Council proposes that in Rule 3.4 the following words be added after the words:”Such members......the course”:

“Such members shall not be entitled to use the course except with the permission of the Club Secretary and subject to a maximum of 5 days in a calendar year and in competitions other than Club Competitions.”

  1. Council proposes that in Rule 3.4 the definition of Country Members shall be amended with the addition of the following words after “.....GUI or ILGU:

“Or any Governing Body elected to replace those Bodies”

7. Council proposes that in Rule 3.4 the definition of Senior Exempt Members be amended by substituting the words “75th birthday “with “80th birthday “.

  1. Council proposes that the following Rule be added as Rule 3.10

“The Council shall have the power to apply discounts and /or to restrict playing rights to any category of membership (or any band of membership within a category of membership having a common theme amongst them) as the Council deem appropriate.

9. Council proposes that Rule 4.6 be deleted and replaced with the following:

“Council may add to a member’s subscription any levy imposed by the GUI or the ILGU or any Body created to replace those Bodies.”

10. Council proposes that Rule 4.7 (a) be amended by deleting the words:

“Subscriptions being paid by instalments will be subject to 5% surcharge”

11. Council proposes that Rules 4.9 and 4.10 be amended such that Rule 4.10 be added as Condition IV in Rule 4.9 instead of appearing as a separate Rule

12. Council proposes that Rule 6.1 be amended to include the following:

“No member shall hold more than one office position at the same time”

  1. Council proposes the following additional Rule 6.14:

“Any reference to the GUI and /or the ILGU shall include any Governing Body created to replace those Bodies”

  1. Council proposes that Rule 9.1.1 be replaced with the following:

“9.1 The Club’s Financial Year shall be from 1st October to 30th September each year. The Annual General Meeting shall be held between 1st October and 1st February and the date shall be fixed by the Council. Council May change the dates of the Financial Year (and subsequently the date of the AGM) as they in their discretion think fit.

15. Council proposes that subject to the previous proposal having been approved that Rule 12.1 be deleted.

The following rule had been omitted from the Rule Book and will be added to the Rule Book under Rule 4.6 (a):

“Senior Members shall be entitled to £100.00 discount off the relevant annual subscription set for Ordinary Members. Senior Historical Associate Members shall be entitled to £75.00 off the annual subscription fixed for Historical Associate Members”.



Competitions continue throughout January with stand alone Club Sweeps on Saturday and Sunday played under the stableford scoring format. The Sunday Sweep is a Mixed Individual Event with Lady Members permitted to play. Entry fee is £5 (inclusive of 2s).


Bills for the 2019 Membership Subscriptions have been issued with a due date of 28 February 2019.  There will be a ballot for 2 x £100 vouchers for those who have paid in full by 28 February 2019. Winners will be drawn at the Captain’s Drive - In.



The Killymoon Golf Club in conjunction with the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service Health and Social Care Trust will hold a CPR and Defibrillator Training Evening at 7pm on Thursday 17 January 2019.

Any members interested in attending the training are asked to contact the office on 028 8676 3762.



The Autumn/Winter Friday Evening Table Quiz Series for 2018-19 in aid of the Air Ambulance NI resumes in the Members’ Bar on Friday evening 25 January25 January with the usual start time of 8.30pm. The quiz will comprise the usual mix of General Knowledge, Music and Entertainment, Dingbats, Pictures and True or False questions. You don’t have to be of “Mastermind” status to participate, so why not get a team together and come along for the night’s craic to support this worthy cause. Entry is £3 per person and teams with a maximum of 6 persons are permitted. Anyone interested in sponsoring raffle or quiz prizes are asked to call in the office or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.



There was no winner of the £2600.00 Lucky Letters Jackpot on Sunday 23 December 2018. The Lucky Letters were drawn by Gerard Lawn.  Oisin Monaghan (H S R Y) matched 3 letters and won the Match 3Mini Jackpot of £100.00.The Lucky Letters drawn were I R S Y.

There was no winner of the £2650.00 Lucky Letters Jackpot on Sunday 30 December 2018. The Lucky Letters drawn by Darren Hampsey were G H R U. Hugh Doyle (D G H U) and Ruth Gordon (H R T U) both matched 3 letters and shared the Match 3 Mini Jackpot of £100.00.

There was no winner of the £2700.00 Lucky Letters Jackpot on Sunday 06 January 2019. The Lucky Letters drawn by Niall McKenna were G H U W.  Hugh Doyle (D G H U) matched 3 letters and won the Match 3 Mini Jackpot of £100.00.

The next Lucky Letters draw will take place at 5.30pm on Sunday 13 January when the Jackpot will be £2750.00 and the Mini Jackpot £100.00.



Here is the latest in a series of Connecting Walls to get the grey matter going. Your task is to sort the seemingly unrelated clues into 5 connected groups of four. You may discover that some of the clues fall into more than one group but there is only one perfect and correct solution.




The solution to this Connecting Wall will be revealed in the next issue of the Killymoon Kronicle on Wednesday 30 January 2019.

The solution to the last Connecting Wall reads:

Marlowe, Queen, Poirot and Spade – All Fictional Detectives

Bowie, Crockett, Maverick and Travis – All Defenders of the Alamo

Franz Ferdinand, Orange Juice, Primal Scream and Texas – All Scottish Bands

America, Haddock, Queeg and Nemo – All Fictional Captains

Abracadabra, Shazam, Expelliarmus and Sim Sala Bim – All Magical Expressions



The next issue of the Killymoon Kronicle will be available to members on the club website on Wednesday 30 January 2019. Any members wishing to contribute or comment are asked to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before Monday 28 January 2019. Equally any members wishing to make a contribution to the newsletter or to advertise an upcoming function in the clubhouse are also asked to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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